The Brookhaven Story

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Brookhaven Hospice was founded by a group of nursing home owners and operators to provide additional, specialized end-of-life resources to the residents residing in their facilities. Over time Brookhaven expanded to serve other facilities and the community at large.

Our founders recognized that there was a need in the New England market for superior hospice care and set out to build a stand-alone service company focused exclusively on meeting these needs. They witnessed how much patients and their families benefited from the extended Hospice Team and wanted to ensure that their residents had the best possible care. We began by serving our own residents – we knew what they needed and how we could provide incremental support. We’ve since taken this knowledge into the community, replicating this care wherever patients in New England call home.

Our butterfly logo symbolizes the need to accept the dramatic changes that affect our lives – to not only accept but also embrace the natural evolution of our bodies. Their transformation reminds us of the work we do on this earth, the preparation we undergo and the eventual transformation of our own spirit and soul. Brookhaven’s butterfly beckons us to keep our faith through the natural transitions in our lives – the need to recognize life’s patterns and prepare for the stages that affect us all.

Brookhaven Hospice is a privately owned and operated organization in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We care deeply about our neighbors and our community, and we are committed to providing the highest level of care possible to our patients and families. To learn more about Brookhaven and the services that we provide, please call us at any time day or night at 855.820.4801. We welcome the opportunity to provide support to you or your loved one.